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the Travel Lifestyle, Imagination and Goodwill Company


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Delivering our brand of hope, well-being and positive memories since 2012.


We are in the business of meaningful, amazing and memorable experiences. Our products enable gift-giving globally to re-experience the world or to upskill from the comfort of your home with your loved ones safely, from bucket list to COVID escape getaways but we are so much more than that, as travel supports wellness and well-being, whilst galvanising productivity and eLearning supports personal and professional development. Our values are to empower and support a better lifestyle for clients, customers and ourselves, a win-win work-life ethos as life is a gift, family is a gift, magical memories with family is gift, which is why our multi-award winning brands exists.


Through Branded Currency we enable our unique brand experience and security minded digital currency to converge to support and deliver seamless online transactions for local or international Travel, Experience and eLearning with flexible choice and multi-currency transactional convenience in over 72 countries worldwide. 

Our international multi-award winning brand websites have been created and developed by an experienced, dedicated and diverse team of over 40 Developers, Designers, Product Managers and Travel and eLearning Industry eCommerce Veterans from Europe and North America with vast collective experience in Worldwide Travel, Payment Technology, Digital Media and Marketing.

We are the Better Lifestyle Group.


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